HP Gas New connection

HP Gas
HP Gas provides optioon to book the cylinders offline and online  easily. Recently company has introduced mobile bookin facility.The Gas can easily refilled in HP  through online refill facility and status can be viewed online.
New Connection:
1. How to get a New Distributorship?
 Ans. HPCL releases advertisements for new Distributorships in Newspapers in Hindi, English and other vernacular language of the area. Kindly look for such advertisement, in your location of interest. Selection would be made from the applications received in response to such advertisements meeting the eligibility criteria given therein. For further details you may view our Brochure on LPG distributorships. For any further clarification please contact our LPG Regional office.
2. How to get a New Connection?
 Ans. The nearest HP GAS distributor may be approached for a new Gas connection. Alternately you may book for new HP GAS connection online . Details of cost of New Connection with Double Bottle Cylinder (DBC) (two cylinders and one regulator) along with cost of LPG is given below:

Fixed Cost:

 •Refundable Deposit for Two Cylinders @ Rs. 1450/ - each = Rs. 2,900/-
 •Regulator Price -(Refundable Deposit for One Regulator) @ Rs. 150/- = Rs. 150/-
 •*(For North Eastern States Refundable Deposit for each cylinder is Rs.1150/-)
 •Cost of Two Refills - Present price according to your area as applicable
 •Cost of hotplate/stove and Suraksha Hose (rubber tube) will be extra
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Company Lead with huge brand name in the world. HPCL Gas basically deals with H P LPG gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) to all over the India as well as HPCL has operate big production of “large lube refinery”, with a capacity of 335 TMT in the world, particularly in India. It has been coveted with Navratna Status in fortune 500 and in Forbes 2000 Company. Hindustan Petroleum Gas is the largest Govt. Undertaking Company (LPG) in India, which launched in the 1970s. It changes the lives of several of people with the knowing of the clean, accomplished and safe cooking gas. HP Gas has been a bring for you “ Kitchen Revolution”, which spread zeal and rejoicing in the millions of family with the introduction of clean, eco-friendly, potential gas. It has the record of highest bottling plant all over the world, and handle 7.8 lakhs customers every part of India. There have so many plant situated in all corner of the India.
 ■HPCL (HP gas) Vision-

HPCL known as World Class Energy Company for caring, concerning and relishing the customers with high attribute products and innovative services across national and international markets with Tremendous Development and distributing better financial performance. The Company will be a ideal of excellence in integrated social commitment, atmosphere, health and safety ideal and in employee welfare and bond.
 ■Brief Introduction of LPG-

LPG full form is liquefied petroleum gas, it is known as non-renewable source of energy. It is obtain from crude oil and natural gas. The basic formation of LPG is hydrocarbons which containing three or four carbon particles. The LPG mixture of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) easily liquefied under moderate pressure. LPG heavier than air, therefore it is generally settle- down in low lying place. It can be lightly condensed, stored and packed which makes it a norm energy source.

HPCL has gained “Tremendous” performance since 2005-06 years and won the Prestigious MOU Award for the year 2007-08. HPCL become one of the Top Ten Public Sector Enterprises who fall under the “Tremendous” category. With relevant wonderful performance has been made possible by motivated workforce of over 12,000 employees working all over the county as it has various refining and marketing place.

HPCL has proudly unified Information Technology in its ado at different scale.

“HP serves the Gas with safety”
 ■HPCL (HP gas) mission-

“HPCL” or HP gas, along with its consolidated business, will be a absolutely unified company in the hydrocarbons division of research and production, refining and marketing; focusing on enlargement of productivity, quality and economic; concern for customers and employees; concern for environment protection and cultural inheritance.

It will also gain scale dimensions by transform into other energy related sector and by taking up international operations.”